2018 Global Rounds
Scholar's Cultural Fair Signup

Thank you for expressing interest in the Cultural Fair! This event is always one of our favorite ones at the Global Round, and we can't wait to see what you'll bring to Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona, or Melbourne!
We will be attending the Global Round in... *

A few guidelines to start you off...

* The Cultural Fair in {{answer_J31CCYjQQZ0B}} will take place on a day when the Junior and Senior Divisions are separated. We recommend observing the schedule to coordinate setup among your delegation members.
* Booths will be provided with a table, a bulletin board, a country name sign, and thumb tacks.
* We cannot provide electricity at the Fair, and storage is not guaranteed beforehand.
* In the event of limited space, booths may be asked to combine.
* No items may be sold at the Cultural Fair, but gifts may be freely given.

A quick preview of the Cultural Fair in 2015, for some inspiration:
Which school are you from? *

Which country will your booth be representing? *

What will your delegation share at the booth? *

You don't need to know exactly what you'll be sharing yet—we just want to get a general idea!
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You're almost set! Anything else to let us know?

We can pair you up with another group who wants to represent the same country, or place your booth location near another group's. We'll do our best to accommodate!
You're all good to go!
See you soon in {{answer_J31CCYjQQZ0B}}.
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